Top SEO Practices for Mobile Websites


Most of the time, people who surf the internet on mobile devices are only doing it to stay entertained. There are, of course, people who are seriously searching for information, but a majority of the users are looking for entertainment. There are several differences between searching on a desktop and mobile device. The main difference is the size of the screen. A website that is completely designed for desktop use appears crammed on a mobile device and would be completely unusable. People will immediately exit your site if you don’t have a separate design for your mobile website.

However, it is not difficult to design a website for access on mobile devices. Designing your mobile website is almost the same as designing your website for desktop. There are a few additional factors you would want to consider to increase your mobile website’s visibility. One important thing to consider is if you are going to have the same website for both desktop and mobile or if you are going to make separate websites for both.

Responsive Design or Different Versions?

There is another way to having a usable site besides developing a new mobile website from scratch. You can use sites with responsive design for your mobile visitors. This will benefit you a lot, however, this will cost you a lot too. You will have to make your website all over again with responsive design. When such websites are viewed on devices with small screens, these websites will resize themselves to fit the screen of the device.

However, this can’t be applicable for all types of businesses and websites. Therefore, it could be a good idea to design a website exclusively for mobile users if your website contains many pictures and forms for the users to fill.

How should you optimize your website for mobile visitors in such a way that they have a comfortable experience using it? Read on to learn the different aspects you need to take care of.

Use Short Keywords

This is very important and in fact this is the primary aspect you need to take care of. Target for short keywords instead of the long and compound keywords that desktop users use to search. People hesitate typing a lot on mobile devices and so they often use short words to search what they want to know. Therefore, have it their way and they will start realizing that your website is easy to navigate and they will keep coming back to your website often.

Check the Click Through Rate

This is another important aspect you will not want to miss. It is difficult to use a website that is designed for desktops on a mobile device. Therefore, you will have to design the forms on your website in such a way that the user doesn’t have to make many clicks or select from a list of items. Having a lot of menus and forms to fill will only make the visitors steer away from your website. Therefore, keep the clicks and input necessary to a minimum of three clicks and a fewer fields, respectively. This will help the users navigate through your site easily and this will attract more visitors.


Now you will have to look at the types of links you have used on your content. As you are focusing on your mobile website, you should have links to both regular websites and other related mobile websites in order to actually rank higher. If most of your links take the visitors to regular websites, it will be difficult for them to find the information they are searching for. And, if you have all the links that take visitors to mobile websites, it will not get you the right traffic. Therefore, you will have to strike a balance here and have links to both mobile websites and regular websites.

Avoid Excessive Use of Rich Content

The connection on mobile devices is comparatively slower than on desktops. Therefore, your site will take a longer time to load on mobile devices. To avoid keeping your visitors waiting, you can keep rich content like pictures, videos, and so on to a minimum. For some websites like shopping sites, it is difficult to reduce the pictures because they will have to showcase the products sold. However, for other types of mobile websites, it is always advisable to keep pictures to a minimum possible level.

The search engines value your website based on predictive ranking and so the keywords play an important role in gaining your website the rank you are aiming for. Choose the right keywords and keep them short. These are some of the ways in which you can optimize your mobile website to rank higher in search engines.


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  1. I don’t normally comment, but i disagree with this so much that i have to. Mobile users search for specific things, are less inclined to buy and spend longer on sites or often revisit. Responsive design isn’t difficult and is overpriced, but can be implemented even on a small budget. Also, due to its only recent push for mainstream often frustrates traditional users not seeing a full site. Can’t believe you don’t take mobile users a engaged serious prospects!