Top 5 Viruses Affecting Cell Phones


Smartphones work just like mini-computers. You have a lot of the same capabilities such as email, internet access, gaming, and much more. The downside is that while they are extremely convenient they attract a lot of the same spam and troublesome issues. Smartphones have an entirely new set of viruses to deal with, and not only can this hinder your use, but it can completely debilitate your phone altogether.

Below is a list of the top 5 viruses to look out for, but have in mind that there are many more viruses out there, and they keep popping out like mushrooms after a rain:

1.       Loozfon- This one is rather easy to avoid. Simply do not click on any links that are advertising work from home opportunities. I know you want to make some fast cash, but just don’t click; you won’t get rich over night. It is how the Loozfon malware will insert itself into your phone. Once it has been able to reach your phone it will then begin to steal contact information from your device. It is a fairly new virus that has just started making the rounds within the past few months, so be careful.

2.       Finfisher- This virus is exclusive to Android devices so Apple owners do not fear. It will come through appearing to be a system update or it is important to avoid installing this on your phone at all cost. This virus will not only allow your phone to be monitored, but it will also be able to remotely control your phone. It is a very scary and harmful virus that will grant full access to any personal information that you have on your phone. The last thing you need in your life is to give away your personal information to a complete stranger.

3.       Geinimi Trojan- This is a really scary virus for it will come attached to software or an app that you chose to download. You know that fun little free game that you choose to download just to pass the time; well you could be getting a lot more than you bargained for. The thing that makes this virus so scary is that it can take complete control over your phone. People could be receiving phone calls from your number, premium texts can be sent out, and you could put all of your contact & personal information out there in cyberspace. It is a tricky one, but one that can do a great deal of damage. If you can’t resist downloading freebies the best thing is to keep all the PIN codes out of your phone. You don’t want to see your Credit Card empty.

4.       SMS Android Trojan- This is a virus that has only been seen on Android phones in Russia, but that does not mean it could not be making its way across the globe in the near future. It is part of a movie player app. When you download the app this virus will be downloaded to your device too. It will really hit you in the wallet if this happens for it will begin to send text messages from your phone at a premium rate, and you will not be aware of the damage until you get the bill at the end of the month. So, if you’re visiting a girlfriend in Russian stay away from movie player apps

5.       TapSnake- This is an older virus that is hopefully on its way out. It was a mock game that you could download. It would seem fun and harmless, but it would actually be able to supply the GPS coordinates no matter what time or where you are at the time. It could also download additional apps to your phone that could work to steal the information off of it. It was available at the Google Play store for a little while before people actually began to catch on, so check your device. Just because some app is listed on Google Play store it does not necessary means that it is safe to download. Sometimes it’s better not to download an app developed by unknown developer (these scammers usually have only one app listed in the store, and of course, these apps come free of charge)

Viruses are extremely tricky and dangerous, and it is crazy how creative people have become with creating them. Your Smartphone is most likely almost always with you, and that means that it’s more than likely has a lot more personal information on it than your computer. Make sure you are careful and read anything that you may be downloading to your device. Check it out before you accept because it is a lot harder to fix it once you have it on there.

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