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Angie Haggstrom makes some interesting points in her article, Optimize Your Mobile Website And Stop Losing Money! on SEO Scoop. A recent Orange research study on mobile marketing had some results that may surprise you. After following the habits of over 2,000 mobile surfers and looking at both quality and quantity, here are a few of the findings that I found surprising:

  • Picture MMS and Bluetooth are the top two uses of mobile media. Using the Internet came in fourth.
  • 81% of users access mobile media at least once per week mostly from home.
  • Users feel content should be made specifically for mobile phones.
  • 72% of all mobile users place an emphasis on consistency and clarity.

She then goes on to give some great advice on how to monetize this explosively growing Mobile Web. According to her, it is all about immediacy. The written content should be rich in active verbs to produce powerful sentences and encourage visitors to take action. Lastly, you might also want to consider trigger words such as ‘fast’, ‘easy’, ’simple’, and ‘free’ (who doesn’t like something that’s fast, easy, simple, and free??)

That very same thinking has triggered the new SMM mobile website, Smart Tips. It is designed for mobile devices with any web page having only 100 words or less. It is designed to show on a regular PC how it will appear on a 320px width screen. It is also linking with the Local Business theme since that is where you will see the biggest impact of the Mobile Web. These are exciting times and there is much to learn.

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Time For A Mobile Website — 7 Comments

  1. Isn’t Smart Tips just the fusion of the Twitter and Yelp ideas? Less than 100 words and targeted on local businesses? I think it’s a great idea, but with bigger screens on mobile phones (iphone, storm) people are going to be surfing established sites with lots of information over twitter posts on local bakeries. Just my .02

  2. So it’s time to optimize and design our sites for mobiles as well. I read somewhere to check sites on gaming console wii, that was horrible to read but I am afraid now. In next few years, we are going to have internet access everywhere.

  3. Sometimes I wonder about the %’s that people come up with. I don’t know nearly that many people with mobile devices. Maybe I just live under a rock :P

  4. You really need only a small fraction of what works in a Desktop PC browser to be effective in a mobile device. Distilling the total content to what will work well in a cellphone is not easy.

  5. Sometimes I wonder about the %’s that people come up with. I don’t know nearly that many people with mobile devices. Maybe I just live under a rock

    That 81% can be confusing / misleading unless you realize it’s a percentage of MOBILE SURFERS…IOW, people who surf the web using their phone, etc. When you realize that, it’s a no-brainer.