Three Alternative Apps to the iPhone Music Player


3 Alternative Apps to the Built-In Music Player of an iPhone

The majority of iPhone owners are quite critical of the third-party applications to play music because the built-in music player on the iPhone is not bad and fulfills all necessary functions for music playback. However there is not such a thing as a universal music player for an iPhone. For your consideration I offer three alternatives to the default music player application that is included wuth iPhone software. I hope you check them and some of their features will be really useful for you.

Panamp Music Player: a great manager and player for your music collection!

Price in the AppStore: $ 1.99

Panamp Music Player is a pretty new iOS music player allowing you listen to favorite songs and manage the music collection. Since the developers are well aware that they need to make the application better than the built-in iPod App, they included into Panamp Music Player all functions that are offered by the standard application – sorting by artist, album, etc, and added few new ones.  Panamp Music Player also offers users a streamline menu so you can immediately work with your music collection, view songs and artists and much more.

The application works really fast and has a very big advantage over the built-in music player from this aspect.

Try Groove 2: one of the best music player for iOS according to the numerous user reviews!

Price in the AppStore: $ 3.99

Groove 2 is a music player, that should be built in iOS devices by default. There are a lot of functions and no wonder music lovers are just crazy about this player. And with the latest update the program has become even better.

Groove 2 already has many features that make this program a must have music player for every user. The excellent touch-sensitive controls, the ability to download missing information about the artist and album, the option to post messages and status on social networking sites to share music tracks with online friends, intelligent control basic functions of the program and many other interesting zests.

This music player supports Retina HD display. All new features of the music player were added to a special tab application so it will be more convenient to work with programs on iPhones.

Also there is an opportunity to arrange and mix albums and playlists and the updated track repeat function is included as well.

Create playlists and express your mood in music tracks with SmartPlayer!

Price in the AppStore: $1.99

SmartPlayer is an unpretentious and user friendly music player for an iPhone, and, in my opinion, is a worthy replacement for the native music player application. What it is especially good about Smart Player is the ability for its users to create and edit playlists directly in the application, not in iTunes. The player supports playback of music tracks in FLAC and MP3, audiobooks and podcasts, and they can be added not only through the music library of iTunes, but directly to the application.

Another handy option of Smart Player is the opportunity to send messages to Twitter with the title of a music track a user is listening at the moment. Share your mood in music tracks with your Twitter followers.

Another nice feature is for those who like to listen to music or audio books at night.  You can set the timer to stop playback automatically for when you fall asleep.

I think these music players for an iPhone can be quite helpful for all music lovers who find the built-in player in an iPhone insufficient. What do you think? Do you like or hate the apps I reviewed? Any other suggestions on music players for iPhone? I am glad to read all your comments!

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Three Alternative Apps to the iPhone Music Player — 3 Comments

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  2. These are the best application to use and can enjoy with those app on the phone. These days as far as I noticed most of the people like it to use as better instrument.
    Groove is a music player created to study our musical tastes and our listening habits in order then instantly generate a great variety of musical mixes always suited to our tastes; the whole contained in a nice optimized interface for devices. We have a huge music library and we are still undecided, unable to choose on the fly what we hear? This is bread for their teeth of Groove, which, thanks to interaction with Last.FM and other social services connected with the world of music, probably will know our musical tastes better than us.

  3. I think these music players for an iPhone can be quite helpful for all music lovers who find the built-in player in an iPhone insufficient.
    Thanks for sharing