The Whole World Is Going Mobile


The International Telecommunication Union has issued, which is the eighth in the series of ITU Internet Reports, launched in 1997. It focuses on consumers and looks at how human lives are being continuously shaped and re-shaped by advances in digital technologies. It was prepared especially for ITU TELECOM World being held from December 4 – 8 2006 in Hong Kong. It’s well worth reading and is packed with interesting statistical data that confirms the trends that we all are familiar with.

One chart for example shows the staggering growth for cell phones as compared with fixed lines that is so very apparent.
Mobile Web versus Internet
Another interesting chart compares the proportion of subscribers to the various ways of linking to the Internet. Europe and Oceania are far ahead of the US now and most of that is because of the huge impact of the Mobile Web.
ICT Penetration - ITU
This is only another aspect of the rapid growth of cell phone use. Clearly everyone should be thinking of how the growth of the Mobile Web influences how they can profit from this ever more popular technology.
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The Whole World Is Going Mobile — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Barry

    Have to admit I was surprised to see the Americas and Europe level pegged for the Internet. After spending time in the US back in the late nineties and early zero’s (does anyone still say that anymore?) I saw a huge difference in the number of Internet users in America and a great less less in the UK, though felt the UK was ahead somewhat in the use of cell phones.

    I agree websites for mobile phones will likely spring up in the faces of many business owners and probably create unprecedented demand down the line. Right now I do advise my clients this is going to happen but right now until the big boys get into the markets its not something they want to concentrate on, even when I advise right now is the perfect time!


  2. I too found the results of the UN report had many surprises. It certainly seems that on several fronts the US is lagging in popular adoption of Web-related technologies. On a global scale, there’s a great deal of potential for those who see what is going on.