The Snugg iPad Case and My iPad Equals a Happy Fit


I should present some clear background material.  I am PICKY.  My wife hates it when I shop for things because I research, read, research, read, research, read….. did I say that I research and read about as many options and specifications for products before I actually buy something.  The benefit of this is that I no longer go grocery shopping very often :)

With that said, I recently acquired an iPad case in Electric Blue from The Snugg and one in Black, also from The Snugg. Both are leather, of course.  When I look for a happy fit between my iPad, the case, and I, the following are must haves:

  • It feels good to the touch
  • It fits the iPad well.  
  • It allows viewing angles.
  • It allows some personalization.
  • It comes with some nice surprises.
The iPad cases from The Snugg meet and often exceed the requirements for each of these must have items.  The leather looks and feels good. The stitching is well done (similar to stitching in some high end leather car seats) and it’s not slippery with a nice, tactile feel.  The case fits all of the iPads nooks, crannies, holes, arches, etc… It allows multiple viewing angles with a flip back cover and handy, built-in stand.  It allows personalization with a cool number of color choices.  And, finally, it comes with some nice surprises like a pen/pointer holder, and hand strap to put your holding hand in to securely hold the iPad if you’re walking around or want to prevent a snatch and grab in a crowded area.  Nice.
Pricing is very good for the quality given.  Shipping and customer service were as well.
I look forward to using my iPad cases from The Snugg, and my iPad enjoys the happy fit as well.


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