Chrome Voice Search Now Built In: No Add-on Required

Google chrome voice search has been available as a Chrome extension for some time; therefore, if you’ve wanted hands-free Google voice search (à la Android’s Now Launcher) on the desktop, you’ve so far had to install a Chrome extension. This is not longer the … Continue reading

Project Ara brings building block approach to mobile design

Google says it is planning a series of three online developer conferences this year in support of Project Ara, the modular mobile phone design being developed by its Motorola Mobility division. Announced last year, Ara is a unique concept that will allow … Continue reading

Google Project Tango Gives Spatial Understanding to Mobile Devices

What if your mobile device could determine whether it was in the garage, the kitchen, or the living room by the shape of it or be sound echo-location (the way sound reverberates in a room), and changed the TV’s volume, … Continue reading

SMS Marketing Campaigns: Top Things to Know

SMS Marketing Campaigns: The Top Things to Know By mid 2013 the world will have more mobile subscriptions than humans alive.  90% of mobile customers use text messaging.  SMS is a fast, cost effective and measurable marketing tool.  This infographic … Continue reading

Images That You Should Never Share Online

Social media is so influential that it was able to transform some of the most mundane things in our lives into share-worthy tidbits. Before, no one cared about what you ate for dinner or what song you are currently listening … Continue reading

How to Recycle Old Posts for New Content

The need for fresh, useful content has grown significantly as Google has tightened up its algorithm and started penalizing sites who are delivering anything less than the very best content. Yet coming up with amazing ideas for new blog posts … Continue reading

Get Social Media Exposure with WordPress Plugins

Now, the World Wide Web is connected to the social world more than before due to the rampant use and popularity of social platforms. And with the recent update coming from Google, which states that your presence on the social … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Let Your Personality Shine

Everyone is excited about Samsung’s latest edition to the Galaxy family of smart phones (or phablets as some call them), the S4. The S4 has an impressive list of features: it carriers a full HD 1920×1080 Amoled display, the latest Android … Continue reading

Helpful Ways to Optimize Old Blog Posts on Your Site

If you like to optimize your old blog posts, then you will have to take some measures which will help you to get your blog success back. Moreover, you have to follow the elements which are the essential parts of … Continue reading