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Many, if not most, businesses are now getting serious about the M2M (Machine to Machine). Almost all the companies are embracing the idea of growth-creating services around a business model.  For instance, Wireless carriers are now collaborating with different service delivery platform providers. These partnerships make these wireless carriers’ networks accessible to any kind of M2M applications. These M2M applications are very difficult to build as well as manage as the count of the devices keeps increasing.

The AirVantage M2M Cloud is a next-generation cloud platform, designed especially to eliminate any kind of complexity in M2M operations. This cloud concept was introduced by Sierra Wireless, a wireless communication equipment manufacturer as well as designer, headquartered in Richmond, Canada. The AirVantage Cloud is a fast and cheap way to build or manage or even deploy M2M applications. This new platform makes the information available on the machines easily accessible, to any number of business applications. The platform is very well designed to scale for even tomorrow’s billionth device.

This cloud platform helps in innovating products, revenue streams and services. This new platform offers a more protected two-way communication linking the enterprise and connected devices. Unlike the earlier days, M2M applications can be developed and operated at significantly less cost. M2M applications (even hundreds) can be unveiled much faster and easily than before. With this new cloud platform, it’s now pretty easy to manage even a billion wireless devices. When it comes to cloud service, the usage of cloud infrastructure and services dramatically improves the speed and agility by providing a cheap means to create applications in much less time. And as these advantages extend into M2M space also, companies have started to create M2M applications transform their business.

The new cloud platform provides device-to-cloud infrastructure that is more secure and scalable, connecting any number of devices or machines. This cloud platform transmits and collects M2M data from these devices and later, links the data collected from the connected devices to several enterprise applications. The information is more secure as it is stored in the data centers distributed across the globe. The enterprises gain access to the machine information that can be shared through the web 2.0 API’s available in the AirVantage.

Despite the new cloud platform being highly integrated with almost all the devices of Sierra Wireless, it also supports devices created by third-party organizations. The AirVantage Cloud provides complete flexibility in choosing hardware and drastically reduces the time to reach the customers.

Talking about the Next-generation Cloud, there are two different components available:

  • Management Service: The all new device management application scales and simplifies any kind of M2M operations. The users are allowed to monitor, deploy and configure M2M systems that are something beyond the capabilities of any device management application. This capability makes this management service stand out of the crowd. With the new user interface (task-based) it’s easy to access this cloud application anywhere at any time. The users receive updates of firmware every now and then.

This new device management application has an interactive dashboard that provides unique visibility into any deployment status just at a glance. It also provides a detailed drill down of all the devices for managing and troubleshooting. It’s not just this, the users are provided with worldwide maps that display the exact location of the connected devices.

In addition to this, it’s now quite easy to manage airtime subscriptions and group devices or machines with embedded applications and specific firmware. This device management application offers a tight integration with AirPrime Modules, Intelligent Gateways and AirLink enabling remote monitoring, debugging and troubleshooting.

  • Enterprise Platform: This new platform provides access to machine data by using API standards like the latest OAuth 2.0 and RESTful APIs support. When it comes to data transmission, this enterprise platform uses AWT-DA and OMA-DM to offer the users a Fault-tolerant data transmission. It’s not just this, with other embedded development tools like ALEOS Application Frameworks, it’s easy to collect additional information from the devices and also the cost of data transmission is reduced drastically. It also accelerates M2M development by integrating M2M data and enables users to quickly -
  • To use any network operator across the globe to transmit information from a number of devices or machines that are interconnected.
  • The information collected can be integrated with any prevailing backend systems, cloud applications and enterprise to connect marketing, management, sales, accounting and field workers.
  • Create innovative mobile and web applications by leveraging the data collected from the machine to generate revenue streams. This adds value to any offer as it connects the customers with service or product information directly.

However, this new cloud platform is at present in beta testing and the commercial release of the AirVantage M2M Cloud Platform is expected to be in the early 2013. Currently the new platform is available in the Sierra Wireless Developer Zone. In addition to the release of the new cloud platform, Sierra Wireless is the APN Technology Partner of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network. Words are out that the aim of this collaboration is to make it easy for the consumers to use the AirVantage APIs. With this partnership, customers can now build M2M applications improving the scalability that run on the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure eliminating the need for on-premise IT infrastructure.


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