Pros and Cons of Near Field Communication


You and I are engulfed in the technology balloon and amongst one of the many to rule us is the “Near Field Communication”. Most of you may or may not have heard about NFC and for those who don’t have a clue about what it is can perhaps benefit from a little enlightenment so to speak.

“Near Field Communication” to put simply is a novel way of communicating and what is really new about it is the fact that it makes use of wireless technologies that are in short range. Short here can be defined as a distance of perhaps 4 cm’s or even less for it to function.

Given the fact that we are already amidst a technology flood what good does “Near Field Communication” do for you and me. Here are some of the pros for us to ponder about:

PROS of Near Field Communication:

  • Cool just got cooler for devices that are geared with NFC, can be utilized in very many places by paying a few extra bucks needed to enable these systems into your device which means your smartphone could function as your entrance card at any check point.
  • Just like we have bluetooths for transferring data, so also is NFC,  that can play a role in exchanging information from one device to the other provided of course that they are both powered by NFC.
  • Booking tickets for any event be it a concert, an awards night or a flight ticket just got easier as you can do it by clicking a few keys on your NFC geared mobile device.
  • Any kind of payments that you intend to make can be done the smart way through NFC powered devices and what is appealing about it is the fact that the short range that it boasts of makes your credit card transaction safe and secure.

For all of you getting really excited about the advantages that Near Field Communication can offer can just about hold the thought a tiny bit for there are also some not so appealing factors:

CONS of Near Field Communication:

  • If you are one of those ‘old school thought’ kind of person in all probability this new concept of making payments digitally may not go too well with you.
  • Security of personal data is by far the biggest concern that might haunt a few if they are contemplating going the NFC way and with some of the best hackers with whom we share the global space taking it slow is only inevitable.
  • If you do not have one of those smartphones then you might as well say goodbye to Near Field Communication or maybe this could be your reason to get one.

Given the facts above, to do or not is the obvious dilemma in the minds of many. My personal take is that tough some of the concerns are valid but then again when a company launches a product they ensure that securing an individual’s information is of paramount importance. NFC for me spells “convenience simplified” and knowing that the technology has been embraced widely will prove to be a ‘go get’ for many!

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