Opera Browser for Android now at the Play Store


Opera took the opportunity at the Mobile World Congress earlier this month, to demonstrate its all new browser which was announced in February.  This is a full feature browser, built from the ground up, and makes use of the rendering engine, Webkit.  Webkit is also used by Chrome, by the way.  The Opera browser is in beta form and is available at the Google Play store for Android users.

In order to provide a fast browsing experience outside of high bandwidth areas, the browser makes use of a feature called “Off-Road Mode” which takes advantage of server caching.  This is a similar feature found in the Mini browser.  The Off-Road Mode can be toggled by way of the Settings/Content menu.  For those wanting to use personal news feeds, Discover provides an easy way to stay up to date with personal news preferences.

Although the user interface is brand new, there are some parts you may recognize such as the Speed Dial page.  The design heavily utilizes gestures which reduces tapping and speeds up transitions where users can flip through tasks.  Opera calls this a “superior user experience.”

Other must haves for any browser are included:  integrated software download manager and pop-up blocking are a couple included.  The download manager handles save, start, stop, rename, and resume for downloads.

Opera call the browser’s compatibility as “varies with device”.  We’ll see what that means.  If you try it, let us know.

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