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We recently announced that AnswerTips Comes To BPWrap, our associated blog. We’ve been so pleased at how well AnswerTips performs that we’ve added it here too (top right) and on the other SMM properties. We think it’s a very neat gizmo and all credit is due to .. oops that should read The gizmo has since then been removed in an upgrade of the websites.

You see in telling the world we did say Courtesy of Our error was quickly pointed out to us by Marjolein Hoekstra of the CleverClogs Blog and by Gina Larson of The CleverClogs Blog was one of the beta testing websites for the AnswerTips gizmo. Within minutes the correction was made and the news feed aggregators repinged. However for a short time Google and others were working with that version of the title.

Perhaps the mistake was a natural one. I decided to do some exploring. It reminds me of a related domain. Some were concerned as Ask Jeeves sacked Jeeves and became the simple What a great domain name that is. I for one always felt that it was almost a no-brainer to go with simplicity. Of course you should Ask your questions. As far as one can tell it has been a very positive move. An alternative way of responding to questions is to give an Answer. So would seem to be an ideal domain to do this. Surprisingly typing in currently gives a Server Not Found message. The domain does exist as a Internic WhoIs search will confirm with the following information:

Domain Name: ANSWER.COM
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 26-jun-2006
Creation Date: 27-feb-1992
Expiration Date: 28-feb-2008

Why would someone sit on such a fine domain name?

Doing a Google search for “” gives over 90,000 web pages. Some of these are composite domain names that include However many show that precise domain name, Even if there is no active website at that domain, many mistakenly think so. Perhaps it’s only a small surprise to find that the #1 item in this search is the website. There is no mention of ‘’ on the website but the Google cache shows that it appears in links to the website. Try the same search in Yahoo!, MSN/Live or Ask and you’ll get the same answer. Perhaps in our confusion I and many others have helped spread the illusion that, if you type, you really intended to find the website.


People now a days don’t often type in a domain in the address bar. They more often type the name in the Google search field. Or they click on a favourite link. This tendency will be even stronger as people use their cell phones to surf the mobile Web.

Does this mean the value of these shorter domains will be reduced? They really will not bring the traffic they used to. At this time, the keyword “” would seem to be the property of, at least in the eyes of the major search engines. Given my satisfaction with for their AnswerTips, I think they’ve earned that visibility.

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  1. With the way searching from the address bar is going, I think more and more people will begin to rely on the search engines to predict what it is that they are looking for. A lot of people now will even type in “google” in their address bar because they are too lazy to type in , I think we are headed in the direction of “phrase-based” searching.