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China’s Internet users rise to 137 million
China added another 14 million internet users in 2006, retaining its status as the world’s second-largest internet market with a total of 137 million users, the CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Centre) announced today. 17 million users now access the Internet primarily via a wireless device.
Gartner Says Consumer Spending on Mobile Music Will Surpass US$32 billion by 2010
The market in Asia Pacific (including Japan) is worth more than twice that in North America (US and Canada). In 2005, people in Asia-Pacific and Japan made up more than 41 percent of the worldwide spending on mobile music. That proportion will decrease slightly by 2010 but the region is still forecast to be the biggest spender. Western Europe is the second largest region for mobile music, with total spending forecast to top US$9.1 billion by 2010, while North America is forecast to reach US$7.1 billion.

Rich Skrenta feels that it’s time for the Winner To Take All. Google has won in what he calls the Third Age of Computing. IBM and Microsoft were in that position in the two prior Computing Ages, but now Google owns the Internet. David Beisel is not convinced and feels a Fourth Age of Computing is on the way where Google will need to get involved in a new ball game. That new ball game is the Mobile Web.

The Mobile Web has even greater economic potential than the traditional Web as visited by desktop PCs. .. and despite the best efforts of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) with its Mobile Web Initiative, it may not end up as they would wish as One Web. There is a fundamental disconnect between agreeing Standards and competing in a fast moving technology where there are mega-bucks at stake. If in addition, the Standards are tough to apply in order to achieve that One Web, then in practice it may not work out even if many would wish to apply the Standards.

The other factor is that many involved have lived through the Internet tidal wave and may see all this from their Desktop PC perspective. That One Web should just spread out so that it becomes the Ubiquitous Web. Doesn’t that seem a natural evolution to follow? Well natural evolution is fine provided we don’t run into a disruptive technology that changes all the ground rules. It may even be so cataclysmic that it deserves the title, transformational technology. Some observers would apply that description to the whole Mobile world.

That is at the heart of Mobile Persuasion @ Stanford University with its tagline, “Changing people’s beliefs & behaviors with mobile technology”. Cameron Moll summarizes another very important article by Tomi T Ahonen entitled, “Putting 2.7 billion in context: Mobile phone users“. That would certainly confirm that Mobile Phones represent a transformational technology. Ahonen’s final paragraph points out the urgency in all this.

Whatever your business or interest, going mobile now will give you a competitive advantage. But going mobile next year will be a desperation move to stay in the game. Don’t miss out on this. Mobile is the biggest opportunity going. Where is your business? Where is your mobile strategy?

Google may be losing the Mobile Web race.

The fact that Google may have been the winner in the Third Age of Computing is no guarantee of success in a completely changed world. There are already some powerful entities in the Mobile world. Google may already be Celling Out (free subscription required), but that doesn’t yet seem to be showing results. Even a Google-positive article, Hooked on Google (free subscription required) showing Google is leaving Microsoft in the dust, had a sting in the tail.

In brand new areas, like mobile devices that connect to the Internet, Microsoft is holding its own against Google. According to Telephia, a research firm, 3.7 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers are visiting Microsoft’s mobile Web sites, compared to 3.5 percent for Google.

But even in this area, Microsoft is still No. 2. Kanishka Agarwal, vice president of mobile content for Telephia, said Yahoo is No. 1 with 5.9 percent of subscribers due to the popularity of Yahoo mail.

It will be interesting to see what develops during 2007 in this fast-changing Mobile world.

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Mobile Web – It’s A Completely New Ball Game — 6 Comments

  1. Barry, great article…timely, too. What should we all be doing to ride this trend? Is there a service that searches for ‘mobile friendly’ sites and weeds out the sites that don’t work well on small screens?

  2. Barry, top article… thanks for the link on Google…. not sure about Ahona’s last statement:

    “Whatever your business or interest, going mobile now will give you a competitive advantage. But going mobile next year will be a desperation move to stay in the game. ”

    I can guarantee some clients of mine won’t even worry about “going mobile” for at least 2 years and its going to be an uphill struggle to convince them to do it early – many now do not rise to the bait of “your competitors are doing it” – they’ve so often been down that path before….

    Some of my clients do “get it” – I did a very brief presentation to 20 business owners last week and held up a mobile/cell phone stating this was the future of the web… it got a mixed reception…

  3. Thanks, Daz. I don’t think the mobile web is likely to be a big factor for small and mid-sized businesses that are marketing outside their local territory. On the other hand, for local businesses, if they could successfully harness the mobile web, then I think it could be a real winner for them.

  4. I hope google does lose the mobile web race, they own too much of a monopoly. Their efforts are heavily diluted on the mobile web browser, which leaves a healthy gap for competition. The mobile phone web browser from google lacks the convenience of being able to skip or jump if you like to a page number. Seeing that mobile web browsing is expensive enough, having to manually go through page 1-whatever to get to where you left off earlier becomes very expensive. This lack of usability is not like google and will probably see msn take over the mobile web scene with msn or windows live mobile messenger.