Mobile 2008 – Year Of The Google


As the Chinese are reputed to say, may you live in interesting times. 2008 will undoubtedly be interesting. That’s how David Armano is seeing it. For him, 2007 Was The Year of Social Media. 2008 is the Year of Mobile Media.

2008 is a good year to think beyond Websites and start thinking about lifestyles?how we live and why we do what we do. The Web isn’t going away?but the way we interact with it, might just turn into a moving target. Actually, it already is.

(Thanks to Jennifer Laycock for this). As Armano says, life is becoming increasingly mobile.

While fully supporting his sentiments, and although Microsoft has some powerful initiatives, I predict that Mobile 2008 will be the year of the Google. They have a number of irons in the fire, but the activities of the Open Handset Alliance will strongly support their mobile thrust.

By chance, the US Patent Office has already published in 2008 a Google Patent Application on a User Interface for a Phone, which Bill Slawski describes:

User interface for mobile devices
Invented by Sanjay Mavinkurve, Shumeet Baluja, and Maryam Kamvar
US Patent Application 20080005668
Published January 3, 2008
Filed June 30, 2006

Since it was filed in 2006, nothing should be read into its appearance now. However I believe it has symbolic importance.


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Mobile 2008 – Year Of The Google — 1 Comment

  1. Google is really pushing along the creativity of the applications available on Android.

    When the handsets are finally released, I think the 3rd party applications are what’s going to drive the want for an Android-based handset, and not the base software itself.