Looking for a Blackberry Tablet…You May be Disappointed


Blackberry CEO, Thorsten Heins commented about tablets during his press conference at the Blackberry 10 launch and was not very optipistic.  According to Heins, “The tablet business is rather difficult.”  With the plethora of

Android tablet makers on the market, each one is driving to the lowest cost as fast as possible.  Add in Apple’s dominance on the high end tablet market, and it paints a nasty picture for new entrants even one as well known as Blackberry.  Given that Blackberry is struggling to regain its luster in the smartphone market, it is prudent for Heins to keep his engineering and marketing teams focusing on the Blackberry 10 launch and product roadmap rather than opening a second front in the tablet market.

Jan Dawson, an analyst at Ovum, commented…”Personally, I think it’s pretty futile at this point.  Like Apple, Blackberry really has to make its margin on the device, but it can’t charge a premium like Apple.”

On top of this, Blackberry was burned pretty bad in its last foray in the tablet market in April 2011.  The Playbook was a high profile project which ended in embarrassment for the company.  It was based on the QNX operating system which, given the popularity of the Android OS, was obviously a poor choice for the Playbook.

Given the competition in the Android tablet space, Apple’s dominance, Blackberry trying to regain phone status in the market, and needing to succeed on a roadmap while making good margins on a product, you will probably be disappointed waiting for a Blackberry tablet to arrive anytime soon or later, for that matter.


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