Key Differences between Social Media Optimization & Search Engine Optimization


A lot of businesses have been thinking that there is not much difference between search engine optimization and social media optimization. However, the truth is that both of these are very different from each other. But, they are inter-related and hence, you will want to use both in order to improve your online marketing efforts. While optimizing for search engines, you will make your website easy for the search engine spiders to read and evaluate the content and usability of your site. Whereas, when you are optimizing your social media pages and profile, you will be encouraging the audience to bookmark your website and webpages socially so that it adds more value to your website.

How are they inter-related?

Search engines use special software called spiders which crawl your webpages and determine the quality of your content based on the keywords you have used in the content. While you take every effort needed to add tags, link to quality external content, and add related images to make your website more informative, you must also take a look at what value it will add to make your webpages go around on social media sites. This in fact adds a lot of value to the reputation of your website and your website will be ranked better by the search engines. However, it’s also to be noted that there’s no social media optimization without SEO. SEO is like the foundation and SMO is the pillar which supports your online marketing efforts. You must take care of both and both of these are equally important. Let’s get into the details and see what the basic differences are.

What must the content convey?


Keywords rule the field in both arenas and you must choose the right keywords to use in the content. Though there must be some common keywords for both, you must use different keywords, too which would drive targeted traffic to your website. You must optimize social media in such a way that it becomes the road to your website which people would take to visit your website and realize how useful the information you have provided them is. While you post information rich articles and content on your website, your social media should become the place where people find the gist of the posts which will lead them to read the full articles on your website and share them with their contacts on the network. Also, you will have to encourage your social media contacts to share what you have posted on your website with their contacts and friends so that your business and website get better recognition and reputation.

How to Tell Where You Go Wrong in Optimizing them?

The basic goals for these two areas of optimization differ greatly from each other. However, they must be supporting each other in order to hold the other efforts in place. Your search engine optimization efforts must work towards achieving the point where search engines find your site to be of good quality and give it a good ranking. Observe your strategies and jot down the goals you had behind each strategy. Now, check out the goals for any wrong goals for the different kinds of optimization. There’s no such thing as wrong goals, but they get interchanged between social media optimization and search engine optimization. It will lead to losing your audience. Now, consider the strategies you follow for your social media optimization and follow the same steps to find out the goals you have interchanged. Fix the problems and you are ready to focus on implementing the strategies.

How to Keep the Balance?

As with all other efforts, you must have the right balance between social media marketing and search engine marketing. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the right traffic. To have the right balance is like opening two doors for people instead of just one, to visit your website, which will result in your website reaching more people. Eventually, many of them would turn out to be your customers and buy your products. You can also build relationships with them through your social media pages.

These are the key differences between social media optimization and search engine optimization. Follow the right strategies for both and have a clear path to make things work for your business.


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