Is Your Workplace Tracking Your Computer Activities?


The economy has forced a lot of companies to look at their bottom line. This has meant that some people have been let go after years of service. It also means that companies have chosen to “trim the fat” in a lot of cases. Many employees are not permitted the freedoms that were once available to them. Not only are companies more concerned with the profitability of their company but they are also concerned with the productivity of their employees.

Where Companies are Concerned

Major companies have discovered a great deal of wasted time by their employees. Due to such sites as and Twitter there are a large number of distractions that are available to the average employee. Some companies choose to eliminate these distractions by simply blocking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like from being accessed from their servers. This is great for a company that is not web based, but employees often will find other ways to kill time.

Personal email has been another major issue for employers. People waste a great deal of company time with personal communication. Emailing through personal accounts can waste bandwidth that is need for actual business. It is also a large distraction for social emails can burn up a large amount of time from an employee.

Horsing around is another big issue. You may think that horsing around is something that refers to child’s play, but the truth is that adults can waste just as much time at work that a child does in school. These types of people often spend a great deal joking around, gossiping, or simply talking in place of doing their work. While most employers do not mind a small fraction of this they frown upon those individuals that spend the majority of their day involved in this process.

How the Company Tracks it

Most companies have an extremely easy way to track your computer activity and that is through the company server. Smaller companies may not have a server, and if this is the case than tracking software must be installed on each individual’s computer in order to be able to find out the activity that is conducted on that individual station. Most smart employees already have their internet history and cookies automatically delete when they close their web browser. This is helpful for individuals that do not have any tracking software on their computer or server, but does little for anyone else.

The server is a very tricky part of employer surveillance. The company can install tracking software onto the server and it will be able to track all activity from every computer that passes through the server. This means that the company can monitor you without your knowledge. It is extremely difficult to figure this out, and while there are ways to block it you do not want to look like someone that does not have any computer activity the entire day either.

Companies often install the tracking software in order to monitor computer activity such as emails and website visits. Some companies do this as a precaution should anything arise that an employee may file a complaint about such as harassment. Other companies conduct the surveillance for they simply cannot afford to pay employees that are not completing their tasks on time.

A good rule of thumb is to act as if you are being monitored. Monitoring software is extremely low in cost which means that the majority of employers have installed some sort of tracking software within their company. It is almost a definite if you work for a major company. The fact is that you should save the majority of your personal activities when you are at home and stick to business during working hours. Your company will appreciate it and it will help to keep you out of hot water.

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