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The need for fresh, useful content has grown significantly as Google has tightened up its algorithm and started penalizing sites who are delivering anything less than the very best content. Yet coming up with amazing ideas for new blog posts that are unique, innovative, and useful is a tall order. How do you come up with such informative and ground-breaking content several times a week so that you can keep your blog at the top of search results and keep getting the traffic you need to make your site a success?

In the past, you may have been able to spin or re-share your old content. That won’t cut it anymore. Google is penalizing sites that are publishing duplicate content, and many have seen their page rank fall significantly as a result. However, there is still a way that you can reuse that old content without getting penalized by a Google. Here are a few ideas:

Create Resource Guides

Google loves extensive, authoritative content. You can take an old blog post — or several posts — and put them together to create exhaustive resource guides. You would put this old content together with new content, including links to studies, research, and other authoritative citations. The key is to take this previously thin or basic content and add as much information as you can so that it is an exhaustive guide for your readers.

Not only will these resource guides help you stay in Google’s good graces, but they will be very popular with readers. Resource guides are some of the most linked content, and you are likely to generate numerous organic links from them.

Design Infographics

Graphics and photos are a great way to draw visitors into your blog, and infographics help combine these visually compelling elements with useful information. The great things about infographics is that you can use the same content without having to worry about it getting dinged for being duplicate. Search engines won’t be able to crawl the words on the photo, so you won’t get penalized. At the same time, readers will love the useful, easy-to-read format presenting the information as a helpful guide, and the infographic will help you get new traffic.

Infographics are also very popular for sharing on social media, especially on Pinterest. By turning your old content into infographics, you can freshen up your posts, attract new readers, and generate more incoming links.

Produce Video Blogs

Video blogs are gaining in popularity as more and more people are finding themselves pressed for time to read articles and blogs. It’s easy to make time to watch a short one- to two-minute video, and it will be more entertaining than reading a blog post. As with infographics, you can create video blogs with the same content without fear of penalty since search engines aren’t able to crawl the content.

Make sure you add a little something extra for your readers, rather than just reading the old post. You can add some updated information, create compelling graphics, or just create an entertaining presentation . The more entertaining or interesting you make the video, the more traffic and inbound links you will get.

Content marketing is one of the most important ways you can get more traffic to your site and increase your page rank. However, coming up with fresh, unique content day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year can be exhausting work. You can highlight some of your best older content by recycling it into newer posts. These strategies can help you do that without incurring the wrath of Google.

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