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If you look back in the year of 2012 in terms of SEO, the execution of Penguin and Panda updates have come up as a big blow for many sites and blogs. These updates really shocked the internet marketers as their sites that did well in the past in terms of rankings and visibility simply went down to a great extent. This only happened to the sites and blogs, which failed to adhere to the set standards of Google. Those sites that violated the rules set by Google were penalized very badly. Though it seemed as a big shock by many but if you look at these updates closely, it simply motivates the SEO experts, webmasters and internet marketers to stick to the basic rules of giving quality to the users rather putting something vague. Both the seasoned and new SEO experts and internet marketers have lessons from these updates. Both Penguin and Panda helped the webmasters and others to review their link building and optimization strategies. It also helped in reevaluating their content and embarking with fresh and quality stuff for their target audience. So, if you want to kill Penguin and Panda updates being new in SEO, make sure you stick to the following guidelines as discussed below. So, let’s check them out:

Check your content quality

This is considered as the basics of search engine optimization. If your content is not relevant, interesting and informative for your readers along with proper keywords, you are certainly going to be penalized by these updates. So, whether you are a novice or a seasoned SEO expert, this will be the first strategy, which you need to consider while embarking with your search engine optimization strategy. The best way to begin is by searching out the relevant keywords of your niche area and start developing content, which is fresh, unique, useful and informative. Make sure you fix your weekly or monthly schedule of posting fresh content over your site or blog, so that it can attract both your readers and search engines. Take time to research before producing the blog post or any article you are going to upload over your blog/site. And if your site or blog has some duplicate content, make sure get rid of these as it is considered as one of the major violations, which will hamper your rankings to a great extent.

Check your site SEO structure

Before the advent of these updates from Google, more number of pages over your site really helped in search business. However, after these updates surfaced, you would realize that only the important pages over your blog or site are indexed. The other web pages could go into supplement results. So instead of relying over the Robots.txt, make sure you start using noindex tag. Put efforts for only those web pages, which can really help your target audience and search engine as well. Don’t forget to add good Meta title and description along with making your site navigation simple. Also, add all the important links over the navigation bars that can help in Google site links over the key pages of your website. Besides, make sure you also follow the other basic rules of SEO including submitting sitemaps or adding robots.txt, etc.

Prefer quality link building over quantity back links

Recently Google was seen taking down all the private blog links and networks, which go out from these. The private blog network is all about creating more than hundred blogs on a wide range of niche areas and start building up the back links that at the end create a link farm. Now, your focus should be more on getting quality back links rather than running behind the quantity. You should focus more on obtaining natural back links from similar kind of niche area then only you could benefit the best from your link building efforts. As discussed above, quality content can prove out to be the best weapon in search engine optimization since it also help in obtaining quality links over your website. It’s needless to say that with more number of the social media shares, you can end up boosting up your site’s rankings in a big day.

Making your website/blog more social

You SEO strategy should not just limit to social media shares but at the same time put efforts to make your site or blog social too. You are supposed to keep your website presence all across the social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. along with focusing more on the social networking site, which is more relevant to your niche. For instance, if you belong to health or fashion domain, the best platform for you is Pinterest wherein by adding a couple of widgets can help in getting traffic to your site.

Final word

The above are some of the best SEO strategies for newbie, which will help them to come out in flying colors in their optimization efforts. These strategies would also help in beating or killing the Penguin and Panda, which have earlier penalized your site or blog.

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