Google and Donorschoose provide $99 Chromebooks for Schools


Google’s Chromebook typically costs in the $400 +/ price range with the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook selling for around $429 for the version that includes only WiFi. Today, Google and have announced that they are offering discounted Samsung 5 Chromebooks to public schools in the United States. is an online charity provides donors the opportunity to meet a direct need for a public classroom.

Here’s how it works: A teacher can make a request on the Donorschoose website for a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook to be used in his/her classroom. This request is posted for all potential donors to see. The donor can make a donation to fulfill the request. When the funding goal is reached, the Chromebooks are sent to the teacher. There is a deadline of December 21, so time’s awasting so to speak. The teacher can request up to 30 Chromebooks with 30 being a typical top end for the average classroom size.

With respect to the Chromebook offered in this arrangement, it is no slacker. It is a 12.1 inch LED display in 16:10 format and with 1280×800 pixel support. It carries a 1.66GHz dual core Atome N570 processor from Intel. The processor contains integrated graphics. The system offers 2GB of RAM. For storage, it comes with 16GB of flash. Of course, this is not much storage; however, this is meant to be a web-based educational adjunct to the classroom. With many educational products becoming cloud based, this should not be a problem, and, if needed, more flash can be added.

This is a great way for donors to help get technology into the classroom so check it out.


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