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Twitter for many used to be a way of passing the time, like watching the crowds walking along the High Street, or watching a turbulent river flow by.  Fascinating and in some ways relaxing.  However with so many people now using Twitter it has become a rich resource that you can use effectively for business purposes and many people are.  How can you best get results that justify the time you may spend on Twitter.

Biana Babinsky has some suggestions on how to Stop Wasting Time And Get Results On Twitter.  It boils down to the following three suggestions:

  • Evaluate Your Goals For Twitter and work to achieve them
  • Don’t Borrow Time For Twitter but only spend the time that you have available for Twitter
  • Track Everything

One problem is that Twitter as such is a very rudimentary process geared only to see what is happening instantaneously as it passes by.  Other software does a better job of helping see the bigger Twitter picture.  I thoroughly recommend TweetDeck, which better gives you an overview of what is going on in the recent past.  In particular it allows you to see instantaneously on the same screen, the Replies and Direct Messages that are of interest to you.  Just fire up TweetDeck on whatever regular schedule works for you, say every two or three hours, and you can stay aware of your corner of the TwitterSphere.

To improve your Twitter performance further, I highly recommend TwiTip, which is a website wholly dedicated to high performance tips for Twitter. TwiTip is edited by Darren Rowse from ProBlogger Blog Tips.

For example a recent post offered suggestions on How to Target and Attract High Quality Twitter Followers from Your Blogging Niche.  Some of the more interesting suggestions were:

  • Follow Your Niche’s Trusted Authorities – Twellow will tell you who the big players are in your niche and you can then follow them.
  • Turn on Your Radar – be aware what these high profile users in your  niche are doing by subscribing to their blogs via RSS.
  • Start dialoguing with them by sending @replies on a subject you know they care about
  • Blog on topics that mention something that is of interest to them and let them know

Twitter is not just frothy foam that is floating by like a turbulent river.  There are serious possibilities of developing important relationships.  Do your homework and make Twitter work for you.

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Getting Results From Twitter — 8 Comments

  1. No doubt that the Twitter is one of the most popular social media network online. If we want to be a success businessperson/entrepreneur, we must harness the Twitter and use all the features wisely!

  2. There is one thing I can not figure out. I keep clicking on the follow button to follow people, but nothig ever happens. Do they need to accept me to follow them?

  3. No, once you click on Follow then you will see their Tweets as they make them, unless they are keeping their Tweets private. In that case you will be warned you must send them a message to get access and that can be difficult – how do you contact them? You need to get an e-mail address somehow since they will not see Direct Messages from you.

    If they decide to Follow you, then you will get a message about that, if you have elected to have e-mail messages about that in your settings.

  4. I tried twitter last week.. Yes It does generate traffic on my domains. But very poor conversions.. This will work on domain parking / CPM or to increase your Alexa rating.

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  6. What I like about Twitter is the invitation to describe physical action. Blogs are too frequently about “look what I saw!” or “here’s what I think.” Twitter juts into the realm of the bodily: here’s where I’m sitting, and what I am doing. If I want to read what my friends are thinking, I’ll read their blogs; when I want to know what they’re doing, well, that’s what Twitter is for.