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Now, the World Wide Web is connected to the social world more than before due to the rampant use and popularity of social platforms. And with the recent update coming from Google, which states that your presence on the social media sites would help you in increasing your search engine rankings, the importance of getting social media exposure has simply gone up. This has therefore compelled the Webmasters to focus more on a number of social media strategies in order to generate good amount of likes and shares for their content to rank better over search engines. Luckily you have a number of WordPress plugins, which can help you in giving good exposure to your site or content to the social media sites. In other words, these plugins can help you in generating good amounts of traffic for your site. The below is the list of WordPress plugins, which can help you in getting a good social media exposure, let’s check them out:


This WordPress plugin is among the most versatile and popular ones to give you a better social media exposure. DiggDigg helps your readers or visitors to share your content with their family, friends or any of their casual associates. You could add the sharing buttons over your posts or content or at its floating bar, which can expedite the sharing thing. This plugin is compatible with all the popular social networking sites. You also have the option of changing the sharing buttons to add a couple of customization option as per your choice. Now, you could find this plugin completely new as it’s been revamped and thus you could find out a number of enhanced features and functionalities.


Another worth mentioning WordPress plugin, which can give you a good social media exposure, is Socialize. It is one of the most popular plugins used to get traffic via social media sites. Socialize helps the readers to share your posts or content to a number of social networking sites without any hassle. It has around 12 popular social media sharing buttons including Buffer and Pinterest. It helps in inserting Facebook automatically along with opening up the graph data over the head of the website. You could easily change your button order on each and every individual web page. You could use this plugin for custom post type support and also enjoy loads of placement and display options. You get things like Bitly integration, whereas the developers could find things like filters and actions.


You certainly know AddThis as your web browser plugin, which helps you in sharing the content, while your browse the internet. This WordPress plugin- AddThis simply works in the same way, which helps your blog or site visitors or readers to share your content to a number of social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, etc. You have options in terms of size of sharing buttons, which help in coordinating the smaller and larger design of your site or blog. Also, you could incorporate Google Analytics, which will help in getting the real time statistics. Hence you could know the number of posts shared from your website or the particular posts generating maximum number of shares.


Another WordPress plugin, which gives you a good social media exposure, is Shareaholic. It helps in including several share buttons for a wide range of social media sites. It carries a floating sharing bar feature over the top and not over the side unlike the one you see in DiggDigg. It also helps in displaying the relevant posts. With the help of your Google Analytics user ID, this plugin will simply help in aggregating the data from your site or blog to embark with several charts, which help in displaying the incoming traffic in terms of percentage of the visitors and in plain numbers as well, which is generated by a number of sources including social media and search engines. These graphical charts also display the number of popular individual shares over site or blog, which could be called as a handy feature if you are interested in applauding your regular readers with some prizes or bonuses.

Social Media Tab

This plugin simply help in getting a good exposure over social media platforms to your blog or site’s content. It gives you a good language support and comes out with several stylish and clean icons. It helps in adding several sliding tabs for each and every social network profile. It helps in managing a number of social feeds or profiles over one widget.

Final word

The importance of social media exposure to your site or blog cannot be denied in the current world when the popularity of these sites has reached over the zenith. Luckily with the above list of plugins, you could get some of the best social media exposure.

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