Fingerless Cell Phones

Lose the keyboard then the display.

Engadget Mobile often has some intriguing glimpses of what may be in our future. On the left below is their picture of what is rumored to be the Samsung i900. In their opinion, this is a phone that takes the keypadless, finger-friendly formula that’s oh-so-popular these days and injects some Windows Mobile 6.1 into the equation. They feel it will be a strong competition for a similar phone, the LG KS20.

Using a touchscreen clearly is becoming more popular with the Apple iPhone. However finger-friendly this way of working may be, it’s still not a very precise way of controlling your phone. Perhaps this is only a step towards what we have suggested before, the ultra-simple keyless cell phone. Cell phones are above all devices for handling sound. Why use any other kind of input? The image below on the right shows how simple it might be.

Samsung i900
keyless cell phone

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