Effective Content Marketing Strategies for 2013


2012 will be remembered as the year of changes. It was also the year that saw computer users shifting to handheld devices in droves. Thanks to technology leaders like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung for bringing about this landslide change. For how long this passion for mobile devices will continue, only time can tell. But, one thing is certain; it sure will impact the way Content Marketing itself will change in the years ahead. If you are into Content Marketing and working on a strategy for 2013, don’t forget the means through which you will be delivering content to the masses.

Having a plan is very essential to successful Content Marketing and should be made after you have thoroughly considered the objectives and goals of your business. Besides, plans let you make appraisals periodically and help you change directions if necessary. Planning is often considered a tedious process, because you will need to collect data, collate them, discuss them among peers and finally come out with a workable strategy. When you start with planning, the first major hurdle you will encounter is the differences of opinion within the peer group.

Not all data will be available readily when you sit down to writing your strategy. In fact, when you plan, you will have to go by opinions from within the peer group as well as from outside. Soliciting information from outside is often a difficult process in itself. Interpolating and drawing conclusions can be just as tough. Therefore, a better way out is to read published works that you can readily lay your hands on

A systematically written plan should include a worksheet for capturing data and performance for the past year. The information you can include there are industry performance, product changes, service strategies, new brands, employee performance, budget and goals realized in the preceding years. That will give you the insight to know where you stand as of now.

The next step would be to have a statement on what your brand promises, and positioning yourself. They are among the most important things you must include in your Content Marketing strategy. If you don’t take an appropriate positioning, then you will be losing prospective market segments, don’t forget, and that is because not all products and services are made the same way. It should reflect the special efforts you have put in for pricing your products a little higher than that of your competitors.

Diversification (marketing strategy)

Businesses don’t function in isolation. You will have to constantly compare yourself with your competitors. That means you will have to keep a close watch on what others are doing. Their Content Marketing strategies, the efforts and the kind of money they pour into their businesses, the competitive advantages they have and of course your own weak points. This will give you a clear picture of where you stand in Content Marketing viz-a-viz your competitors.

Know your customers first, before you develop your content. When you understand your customers better you also get the opportunity not only for making new products, but also for pricing your products and services appropriately. Cost plus profit is not the only way to determine the price for products; your brand’s image and the quality of service has intrinsic values that are extremely difficult to quantify. When you understand your customers best, creating the right content for enticing them into availing your service at the price you fix becomes easier.

A good Content Marketing plan is not an end in itself. They need to be implemented meticulously, and to do that you need money and people, implying that a realistic budget is important. Creating content constantly and distributing them over social media takes both time and money, and more important they have to be done by human efforts. At least for now, there is no automated support. Keep the budget realistic; too little or too much doesn’t work, and if done in excess can have an adverse effect on your company’s finances. Provide some money for inflation. Creating content is getting expensive these days.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to creating content for marketing is that they need to be done with demographics in mind. Strategies that work well for one territory may have adverse effect in another. If you can afford the luxury of creating multiple content for different territories, do so. But, a more workable strategy is creating common content with different versions, customized to particular demographics.

Finally, remember that creating content is not a onetime endeavor. Readers tend to get tired reading or watching the same stuff again and again. To ignite interest in your customers, give them some change; the more you can give, the better. There is nothing better than seeing something fresh and of value every other day, more so when you are soliciting new customers and trying to retain the loyalty of those you already have.

Carlene Masker is a technology enthusiast who is fond of writing helpful tips and fresh tidbits of information about the different fields in technology and innovation. She is currently working with Buyverizon Telco Services where you can find the latest information on Verizon FiOS reviews.

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