Chrome Voice Search Now Built In: No Add-on Required

Google chrome voice search has been available as a Chrome extension for some time; therefore, if you’ve wanted hands-free Google voice search (à la Android’s Now Launcher) on the desktop, you’ve so far had to install a Chrome extension. This is not longer the … Continue reading

Google Project Tango Gives Spatial Understanding to Mobile Devices

What if your mobile device could determine whether it was in the garage, the kitchen, or the living room by the shape of it or be sound echo-location (the way sound reverberates in a room), and changed the TV’s volume, … Continue reading

Configuration Management System on a Large Scale

  Configuration Management System on a Large Scale   Everything is getting bigger as time goes on. This is certainly the case in the realm of business, particularly regarding information technology requirements. As everything becomes faster and easier, scale also … Continue reading

Smartphone Sales Surge According to Gartner

According to Gartner (a leading technology research and advisory company) the worldwide smartphone market in sales grew by 42.9 percent year-over-year in Q1, 2013.  Gartner pegs the total number of sales at 210 million units driven by the smartphone sales … Continue reading

Top 7 experts tips for beginners about MySQL

Database is the real backbone for any software or app that is getting developed. MySQL is the open source relational database system coming with reliable features. One can develop a fantastic application using MySQL. Its advantages are more and worldwide … Continue reading