Blackphone encrypted communications to the masses

The Blackphone handset, which is being unveiled at Mobile World Congress, goes on sale in June for $629. It looks like a typical Android smartphone and is based on a security-hardened version of the OS called “PrivatOS.” Standard applications include … Continue reading

LinkedIn adds Member Blocking

LinkedIn adds Member Blocking. Members that would rather not receive job inquiries or other notifications, or allow access to their profiles from certain other LinkedIn members, can now block them.  “Member blocking,” was recently released by the professional social networking site … Continue reading

Images That You Should Never Share Online

Social media is so influential that it was able to transform some of the most mundane things in our lives into share-worthy tidbits. Before, no one cared about what you ate for dinner or what song you are currently listening … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Near Field Communication

You and I are engulfed in the technology balloon and amongst one of the many to rule us is the “Near Field Communication”. Most of you may or may not have heard about NFC and for those who don’t have … Continue reading