LinkedIn adds Member Blocking

LinkedIn adds Member Blocking. Members that would rather not receive job inquiries or other notifications, or allow access to their profiles from certain other LinkedIn members, can now block them.  “Member blocking,” was recently released by the professional social networking site … Continue reading

Images That You Should Never Share Online

Social media is so influential that it was able to transform some of the most mundane things in our lives into share-worthy tidbits. Before, no one cared about what you ate for dinner or what song you are currently listening … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Let Your Personality Shine

Everyone is excited about Samsung’s latest edition to the Galaxy family of smart phones (or phablets as some call them), the S4. The S4 has an impressive list of features: it carriers a full HD 1920×1080 Amoled display, the latest Android … Continue reading

White House Petition for Unlocking Cell Phones

This site doesn’t normally get into political forays; however, for this I will wade into the mess.  I have an opponent of locked cell phones, big time.  I found the following story which describes an online petition to call for … Continue reading

Comet Pan-STARRS Infographic Defines Approach to Earth

The name comes from the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii, Comet Pan-STARRS (also known as C/2011 L4) is considered to be a new comet, to us anyway, from the extant reaches of our solar system making, possibly, it initial  passes through the inner … Continue reading

The Ouya Android is Coming to a Gaming Platform Near You

According to OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman, ‘For the last year or two years all we’ve been hearing is that the consoles are dead. The reason is there isn’t new, innovative intellectual property. It’s expensive to develop on it. You’re seeing … Continue reading

EvasiOn, the iOS6 Jailbreak Finalized and Website Launched

The iOS 6.x jailbreak – dubbed evasi0n – has been announced, and according to a tweet from @planetbeing, one of the hackers working on it, is tentatively scheduled for release next week. The tweet advises that the jailbreak could come out earlier … Continue reading

Nature’s Stealth Technology at Work: Owl Camouflage

If you are a Star Trek fan, then you’ve probably heard about cloaking.  If you follow weapons technology, you’re probably aware of stealth technology and advancements in camouflage.  What you probably don’t know is just how well Nature achieves cloaking, … Continue reading