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Even though BlackBerry has been late to the smartphone, the all new BlackBerry 10 OS comes with modern features which make it a lot superior to the OS7 platform and on par to the experience in other smartphone platforms like Android and iOS and the Windows Phone 8.

Some of its notable features include the BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Flow, BlackBerry Balance which helps the user to shift from business to personal mode effortlessly, a new intelligent keyboard for faster input,  accounts and sharing and a  great camera  application with ‘time shift’. Also some special features are added for business users and for security in the corporate environment. In this post, we will examine some of the features of the new OS from BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Flow (Multitasking)

The new swipe based interface makes the multitasking in BB10 OS much easier than it was earlier. The user can easily flow between different apps without the interruption of home page or continuously pressing the back button, aptly named BlackBerry flow. It is well implemented gesture based system. To unlock the device we need to swipe up and then swiping left will take you to running apps and swiping right will brings BlackBerry hub. Once used to these, it will be a effortless way to multitask.

BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Hub can be rightly called a universal inbox. It displays all new activities through the phone such as text messages, BBM texts, new emails, social media updates, any other apps notifications and further more. The user does not have to check different apps for notification and can view all the new arrivals in a single hub. Along with the usual options such as forward, delete, reply etc it also got certain other options such as flag, file, invite to meeting etc. Also present is an option to search the folder by sender or content.

BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry Balance is an app which is targeted towards corporate users. This app helps the user to keep his home or personal life separate. All personal data such as emails contact numbers etc can kept separate from the work related content in a different space. It is a profile partition and the users can be change to and fro by swiping down in the apps page.

Virtual Keyboard

Unlike the old BlackBerry’s with physical keyboards, the new devices rely on a touch screen for input.  The BB10 OS is equipped with a beautiful virtual keyboard. It predicts the next word while we type by analyzing what the user has written already. A list of words will be showed above and we can just press and pull the word into the screen to select it. The keyboard also supports multiple languages.


Time shift is the feature that makes the photography a delight in the new BB10 OS. The camera makes a cache of the frames and allows the users to select the best frame from multiple photos to make a photo perfect. The HD video recording is also good in this and an option called “Story Maker” helps in making quick movies. These features in the cameras make it a good photography device for us amateurs as well as those looking to get photo/video customization options in a phone.


The browser in the BB10 OS is fast and nippy as much as the browsers in other mobile platforms. The default search engine is Bing but one can add Google or Yahoo easily enough. It is easy to use and also the slide-in menus are provided at both sides making it extremely user friendly. Another important feature is Reader option which takes the text from a page and displays it like an e-book allowing content to be read without distractions.

Accounts and Sharing

BlackBerry uses account integration to allow users to share media or content to different accounts such as mail, Social Media, etc.  BBM, Bluetooth and NFC is also provided for communication with other devices.


Security has always been a focus on previous BlackBerry devices and the new OS too does not compromise on the same. A security wipe which can be used to manage confidential data, a pop up blocker and application permissions are provided to safe guard data from unauthorized use. The BlackBerry Protect security application allows users to remotely backup, restore and locate the BlackBerry Smartphone.

It is evident that the new BlackBerry OS10 has been built with much thought to ensure that it compares to the more mature mobile operating systems in the market today. More features will come to light once the devices start shipping in a few months. Do you think BlackBerry has a winner in its hands? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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