BigDog Robot Hurls Concrete Blocks

Yes, I know this isn't really a mobile topic, but it's COOL! Boston Dynamics built a robot (for lack of better description) dog that can calculate all of the necessary items required to balance while hurling a heavy object. ¬†The BigDog robot has been in development since 2005. ¬†According to Chris Melhuish, director of Bristol Robotics Laboratory in a comment to the BBC: "I think the potential is enormous -- from pets to robots that are going to help you move your shopping, to a robot on a building site that's moving bricks from one place to another, following a bricklayer around." Future uses for BigDog include search-and-rescue, military applications, planetary/asteroid exploration or mining, pretty much anything requiring balance and the ability to handle loads. The video below is the latest from Boston Dynamics of the BigDog robot with a new arm capable of grabbing and throwing objects relatively large distances behind itself. [weaver_iframe src="" height=500 percent=100]    
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BigDog Robot Hurls Concrete Blocks — 1 Comment

  1. This looks awesome. Japan already has robot teachers, and I think it would really be awesome if they could create something that could replace the soldiers who risk their lives.. not to totally take their positions, but to help them in maintaining peace and prosperity. thank you. :>