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Andy Capp

.. and who is Andy? For those who don’t recognize the name, he’s on the right. Andy Capp is a fictional character who has world recognition and was born in my home town of Hartlepool in the UK. I hope he typifies the down-to-earth attitude you will find here.

StayGoLinks is a window on the explosive growth that is occurring in the Mobile World. You’ll find here many of the really big news items that will shape that explosive growth. The aim is not to be exhaustive in reporting such links, since this blog has another purpose.

StayGoLinks deals particularly with the interaction between the Internet Desktop world and the Mobile world. The exciting potential of mobile technology creates many opportunities and many challenges. In thinking about the opportunities and challenges, the ideas driving the creation of this blog were formed. The blog will cover in a summary way the history that suggested these ideas.

This blog was initially written by Barry Welford. He is a writer, speaker and Internet Marketing expert working for SMM Internet Marketing Consultants. He is a consultant and coach to manufacturing and service businesses of all kinds. He has extensive international business experience with major multinational corporations, particularly in marketing. He has degrees in Mathematics and Statistics from Cambridge and London.  Thanks Barry!

StayGoLinks is now written by Chris Herring.  Chris has many years experience in the growth of PCs, CPU technologies, evolution of interface technologies, and system related issues.  He currently works at a non-profit helping with technology and education issues.

As a disclosure, SGL does allow advertisements and guest articles on the site, and any articles or reviews that you see on the site are the opinion of the writer and may not necessarily be the opinion of SGL.

SGL will continue looking at items pertaining to mobile and desktop web related issues.  SGL will also begin looking at other technology trends including trends in education and technology.  Let us know what you think!



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